About LeFun.fun


LeFun.fun started from a desire to make playing online board games with friends more accessible. We strive to make our platform as intuitive and user friendly as possible. In particular, all our games are mobile friendly and can be played in any modern browser. Everything is also free and doesn't require any registration or download.

Our games

So far we have implemented a mix of original games and adaptations of classic board games. This made it easier to build our game development framework.

Our main focus is multiplayer games but we try to implement bots when possible. All the games can be played synchronously or asynchronously.

We would love to implement more recent and/or complex board games. If you are a game designer or publisher and would like to see your game on LeFun.fun, get in touch!

If you are a frontend developer and would like to implement games with us, also get in touch!

Supporting us

The best way to support us is by sharing LeFun.fun with your friends and on social media: . We are also always looking for feedback from players.

If you can, consider donating: developing and maintaining this website takes a lot of time and resources.